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Stuck in a stuffy office….

So here i am working in a nice clean office building in downtown Vancouver Canada.

Just paid $10 for lunch.

Rode my bike to work like I do every day otherwise I’d be paying $2.50 to take the overcrowded public transit system full of rude and smelly people.

I wouldn’t even begin to imagine driving my truck to work downtown- 15 bucks just to park it for 9 hours?  WTF???

For that kind of moola I could travel India or South East Asia for several days and eat like a king!

I could hang out the door of a fast-moving train photographing the people and countryside!!!

I could be eating kebabs in Kabul !

Life in a western world is just kind of dull.

Critical Mass Bike Ride


Did my second Critical Mass Bike Ride today. We started congregating at the north lawn of the Vancouver Art Gallery as usual. Except this year there was the Islamic Canadian Festival being held there also. No big deal, we conveniently used their PA system to make general comments and safety announcements. The group started out north on Howe Street through the financial district and then headed east on Hastings. We quickly picked up a Vancouver Police Bike Squad escort as well as a police motorcycle on the tail end. The mob of cyclists proceeded east through Strathcona and then headed south onto Commercial Drive through the Bohemian district before turning west onto First Avenue. One of the cyclists wiped out going down the steep hill to Clark Drive and he had visible road rashes around his elbows and knees. Continuing down Terminal Avenue the Ride went south onto Main Street and then west on Second Avenue until it reached Burrard Street. We then headed over the Burrard Street Bridge, stopping mid-span and waiving our bikes triumphantly in their air briefly before going east on Pacific Boulevard to English Bay, north on Denman and then, surprisingly, onto the Stanley Park Causeway until we got to the Mid-Span of the Lions Gate Bridge. After blocking all bridge traffic for a good 20 minutes we decided en-masse to head back through Stanley Park. There was construction work at Prospect Point and we continued along Park Drive where another pretty young girl crashed her bike and was seen being helped by female Vancouver Police Bike Squad officers. By then the sun had set and we continued back along Beach Avenue east on Pacific Boulevard and crossed the Granville Street Bridge, again pausing and waiving our bikes in the air triumphantly. The group headed south on the Fir Street offramp and then east on Broadway before losing it’s momentum and started breaking up. Some riders were seen breaking away while others were wondering if we were all going to the Anza Club which we eventually passed right by. Shortly thereafter I broke away myself and went and got some cheap sushi at the Kishu Island restaurant at Main and Broadway where they had Happy Hour 40% off. (of course those stupid rechargeable batteries on my Canon digital camera were on the fritz and I barely had enough power to get off a few shots and no videos unfortunately)